Hey, I'm Colin

Full Stack Web Developer & Developer Experience Enthusiast

I'm a Toronto-based developer with 5 years experience in the mobile games industry working for the major toy brands Mattel & LEGO, looking forward to new opportunities and growth in web-based industries.

I'm experienced in HTML5, JS and CSS3 using modern libraries React, Next.js, GraphQL, and Node.js.

WEBSITE | 2020

The Loneliness Project

"Sharing stories and starting a conversation about loneliness. Become part of our community of people who are not as alone as they think."


LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

"Immerse yourself in a vibrant LEGO® universe full of action, battles, sets and heroes! Your favourite minifigures and sets are busting out of the box in the most vibrant turn-based RPG ever assembled."


UNO & Friends

"UNO™ & Friends brings an entirely new social dimension to the classic, fast-paced, and competitive gameplay of UNO™. With engaging multiplatform play, which promises fast fun for everyone."